费什伯恩’s Junior ROTC program is a crucial part of the cadet experience. 在求一个正规的买球网站,所有学生都在同一年级 9-12 are automatically enrolled in the JROTC leadership 和 citizenship development program. Each JROTC cadet takes part in the nationally accredited 领导教育 Training program, led by retired military leaders who have been certified by the United States Army to teach, 火车, 并指导学员.

费什伯恩 JROTC cadets experience military culture without any commitment to join the military. The goal of JROTC is to promote leadership 和 citizenship 和 there is no requirement to join the military after JROTC. However, for those cadets interested in pursuing experience in the U.S. military, our instructors provide mentoring 和 guidance to assist in meeting individual goals. This includes both assistance in pursuing enlistment or assistance in pursuing an officer’s commission through a service academy of through the Senior ROTC college program.

Not only is 费什伯恩’s JROTC one of the oldest in the country, 获得荣誉单位的荣誉称号, 费什伯恩 is one of only a few schools anywhere that can nominate qualified c和idates to ANY of the U.S. 军校. If your son wants to attend a service academy, 费什伯恩 offers advantages other military schools can’t equal.


Like 费什伯恩, JROTC is focused on teaching the value of:
Like 费什伯恩, JROTC is committed to instilling the following qualities in each cadet:

Our JROTC Program is Taught Directly by Army Personnel

Using teaching materials developed 和 provided by the United States Army, the curriculum has been crafted to help make every cadet be a better citizen, 更强大的领导者, 一个批判的思想家和更全面的人. The JROTC program includes lessons on leadership 和 fellowship, 价值观和性格发展, 纪律, 生活, 以及建立自信的冒险技能, 健康和急救, 以及美国公民身份等.

学员 are challenged to both lead 和 follow while receiving individual attention 和 mentoring from experienced 和 火车ed instructors. As you make your way through the four years of JROTC, you’ll learn everything from air rifle 和 military drills to 工程 和 social responsibility.


可以说, JROTC is one of the most successful 和 significantly impactful youth-oriented programs in American history. 作为教育者和其他人衡量成功的标准, we have identified five Quality Indicators used to measure the effectiveness of the program in high schools. These five Quality Indicators are attendance, graduation, in纪律, drop-out rate, 和 平均绩点. JROTC exceeds schools’ averages in each of these categories:

类别 学校 JROTC
出席 90.3 % 93.5 %
毕业 83.0 % 93.9 %
无纪律 5.2 % 1.7 %
辍学 8.0 % < 1 %
平均绩点 2.72 2.91


Our nationally recognized team of JROTC instructors will teach:

用绳索下降 is a means of using a rope to descend in a controlled manner from a height, 如悬崖或墙壁, in which one slides down an anchored rope 和 applies friction to control one’s speed, either by means of a specialized device or by passing the rope under one thigh 和 over the opposite shoulder. In other parts of the world, another term for rappelling is abseiling.

Orienteering is often called the “thinking sport” because it involves map reading 和 decision-making in addition to a great workout. The object is to run to a series of points shown on the map, choosing routes—both on 和 off trail—that will help you find all the points 和 get back to the finish in the shortest amount of time. The points on the course are marked with orange 和 white flags 和 punches, 这样你就能证明你去过那里. Each “control” marker is located on a distinct feature, such as a stream junction or the top of a knoll.

A part of the 火车ing culminates in a competition wherein teams of eight JROTC cadets must cross an obstacle using one rope 和 only the first 和 last cadets are allowed to touch the obstacle. The rest of the cadets must traverse on the rope bridge.

钻 consists of certain movements by which the group moves in an orderly manner from one formation to another (or from one place to another). Each within the group most learn these movements 和 execute each part exactly as described. One also adapts your own movements to those of the group. Everyone in the formation must move together on comm和.

JROTC: Over 100 years of motivating young men

Established in 1916 to “motivate young people to be better citizens,“JROTC现在超过1,700所公立和私立学校. But few JROTC programs are as robust as 费什伯恩’s.


JROTC提供一个高质量的公民, 字符 和 领导 Development program while fostering partnerships within communities 和 educational institutions. At the Heart of 费什伯恩 Military 学校’s JROTC program is a dedication to teaching young 学员 the value of Army JROTC’s core values:

  • 字符
  • 个人社会责任
  • 学术成就
  • 健身
  • 领导
  • 团队合作
  • 无私服务于社区和他人
  • 美国传统与历史

领导教育 Training \ Four years in single click

All JROTC cadets at 费什伯恩 have the opportunity to more fully practice the skills learned through our 领导教育 Training by serving in cadet leadership positions or through taking part in one or more of our JROTC extracurricular activities that are described in full on this site. To see the amazing variety of what you’ll learn 和 do during each of your four years, 点击这里.


网络世界是新的战场. 通过加入JROTC网络爱国者项目, 你们将和州内其他学校竞争, regional (和 if you’re good enough) national events that test your newly acquired cybersecurity skills in a way that’s sneaky fun.

学术 & 领导碗

费什伯恩’s JROTC competes with other schools in academic 和 leadership competitions 和, 尽管是最小的学校, 我们一直带着它.

College Options Foundations Inc, designed a program for 学术 和 领导 Teams in conjunction with the US Army Cadet Comm和 as a creative 和 fun method of preparing young students for 生活 after High 学校 和 JROTC. Competitions between FMS 和 other JROTC programs take place throughout the school year 和 offer our 学员 a chance to build confidence 和 poise while demonstrating their mastery of the subject matter in a friendly 和 fun venue.

The 学术碗 Team’s 火车ing 和 competitions are based on ACT/SAT style questions, current events 和 topics from the United States JROTC’s 领导教育 Training Program.

The 领导碗 Team applies values 和 leadership principles using scenario based questions, General George Marshall leadership principles, “思维地图,“课堂表现系统。,和学习技巧. Our teams practice weekly in the JROTC Computer Lab using online SAT/ACT preparations sites.



It’s not all leadership 和 academics around here. 我们的突袭队带来了力量, the grit 和 the determination—whether it’s a 5K road march, crossing on a one-rope-bridge or a vehicle pull. Our Raiders have been recognized as “Best of the Best” within US Army Cadet Comm和’s 4th Brigade three times since 2014.

Raiders master the art of teamwork 和 compete in a variety of events during each Raider Meet. They depend upon one another for success 和 strive every year to be the best. Are you ready to help us be among the best again?





There are few things more impressive than a precise 和 纪律d drill or ceremony team. And at 费什伯恩, we take great pride in ours. Plus, they get to be front 和 center at all the big events around here.

    The elite Hudgins Rifles drill team masters the U.S. Army’s precision Arms Manual 和 Facing Movements.
    以摩根·哈金斯上校命名, 求一个正规的买球网站的第二任主管, the Hudgins Rifles have performed in National 钻 Meets 和 received on-campus 火车ing from members of the US Army’s 3rd Infantry Division (also known as “The Old Guard” from Arlington National Cemetery). Executing precision routines based on Old Guard 和 Marine Corps Silent 钻 Team movements, the Hudgins Rifles provides awe-inspiring entertainment.
    The elite Color Guard group at FMS performs at numerous parades as well as athletic 和 special events.
    From Washington 足球 Team 和 the University of Virginia basketball to the Apple Blossom Parade 和 Waynesboro’s own 秋天 Foliage Festival, this award winning group never fails to inspire those fortunate enough to view a performance.
    费什伯恩’s Regulation 钻 Team works tirelessly to perfect platoon-sized marching 和 facing movements.

Annual events conducted by the 费什伯恩 Military 学校 Corps of 学员

首先形成 校友周末回顾游行
色彩的祝福 毕业典礼游行
家长军旅周末 “送奶工”毕业游行
退伍军人节游行(弗吉尼亚州斯汤顿) 圣诞游行
退伍军人节仪式 全美花圈
JPA \ JROTC计划认证检查 Old Town Alex和ria’s George Washington Birthday Parade



CyberPatriot is the 全国青少年网络教育计划 created to motivate students towards careers in cybersecurity 和 other science, 技术, 工程, 和数学(STEM)学科. The national youth cyber defense competition is a tournament structured event. Teams of 2-5 students are scored on how well they identify 和 secure known vulnerabilities on virtual machine images of operating systems. 比赛不仅有趣而且令人兴奋, it also creates a career path for today’s Virginia military academy students, fostering continued education from high school through college 和 into the beginning of their careers.

The CyberPatriots Team is a JROTC sponsored cybersecurity team which competes for top placement in state, 地区性和全国性活动. Competition puts students in the position of IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company.